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"Heal Now, Not Later" - ⛽️

55AD9A78-EB50-4691-B198-75D3F210E84E.JPG is the home of the 7 Hillz lifestyle brand based in Lynchburg, Virginia.  7 Hillz represents the hills we must climb alone from the inside. Together as a community we must climb, on the outside. We are bridging the gap of culture and education through mind health, music education, and artist development. We are serving in these capacities to prepare our communities for the future, in ways that transcend the status quo. 


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Our Story

The Road to a Better You

We are creating a culture around music education, art, and mind health. The greatest utility we have is our community of producers, musicians, videographers, photographers, recording artist, DJs, and other disciplines.  

Art leads to economic development and economic development leads to safety, stability and a better more healthy community that can thrive and consume more opportunity.



Heal now,

not later -⛽️

Our success is measured by our level of well-being and creativity.

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help set you on the path to more art, education and creativity. 

This is an Essential Business.

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