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7 Hillz Data Solutions

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Hello I am G. Taylor owner of 7 Hillz Data. I am so excited about the wealth, integrity, joy, and value this brand is adding to my communities lives.

Our company is hitting the nail on the head when it comes to financial literacy and wealth culture. We are opening eyes and simply getting people hip to wealth. Personal Credit, Business Credit, Corps, trust, life insurance, real estate, stocks, crypto currency, retirement etc this is all culture.

The coolest value we add is the culture. Many things come and go in trends and what bigger trend to follow that never goes or gets old than making money and understanding wealth. Maybe no one has worked really hard to make wealth as cool as a fan to the common man. Generational wealth is cool and honorable and honest.

A calm family death with time to grieve instead of scrabble. Its low blood pressure when you are in your 30’s 40’s. This wealth topic is something husbands and wives can be proud of and build value together in unity.

Using wealth culture and business credit strategy anything is possible. We all need good ideas and good ideas change our families and our disciplines and our integrities. Our ideas change the world around us.

7 Hillz data is a good idea helping people with good ideas to build more for all.

Call us to book a consultation or book on

Facebok: @7hillzdata101

Instagram: @7hillzdata

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