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Beginner NFT Crypto Blog

Updated: Feb 17, 2022


Hello I am Mr. Taylor, here today to help you start your engine and get on road in the crypto currency and NFT space.

Here is The MetaMask link - This is your wallet ( allows you to communicate with an exchange per the blockchain.


Here is a good place to start searching NFT projects. This is a popular NFT market place called Open Sea.

Disclaimer - I recommend using the desktop as well and adding these wallets as extensions in your browser. I personally use chrome and google.

I believe I have some great educators for you! Let me introduce you to Guy. The creator of Coin Bureau. Here are some beginners guides with in-depth information ( Not financial Advice)

Here is a link to the coin bureau telegram as well ( Much of the information in this space moves fast so you really need to have a community approach. There is no way to do this on your own. )

Check out the crypto college discord for crypto information and place to ask your questions at your speed to a community. They also have data analysis info.

I really hopes this helps you a long the way in your crypto journey.

Stay tuned for information on blockchain technology. We will examine what’s under the hood of crypto & NFTs. Our NFT Freedom Collection

This collection has the soul of our company in NFT form. Healing stories & characters, cannabis photography, NFT music & art created by our brand. There are special goodies in our collection with membership & merch utilities. We have a African KiNG on the blockchain by the name is SUNGOD looking for his throne and higher self. He is expressing his journey through sound and music. The ups and downs, twist and turns of his reality. There is a very cute young lady by the name of Empress and she filling the blockchain with grace & love. Her gold band represents the healing of her thoughts and her green shoes represent sustainability & climate consciousness.

Support our vision, we are uplifting and making huge investments into our community and we need your financial help to do so.

Thank You


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