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"Canna Parenting" - The Benefits & Safety Tips

(Art by DJ Swirlout a.k.a. Mrs. 7Hillz using MyAiTeam)

Being a parent who consumes cannabis has awesome benefits, especially knowing from experience. It's a fact that you can treat yourself to an enjoyable activity while still caring for your kiddos. Plus, you can use cannabis to relax, manage stress, help you focus, and make the day-to-day activities of parenting a little easier. Not to mention, you can bond with your kids by having a good laugh together every once in a while after consuming cannabis. Don't be afraid to grab your favorite strain, you deserve to enjoy (especially with the positive effects it can have on your parenting skills)!

One thing to keep in mind though is that it's also important to be mindful of how cannabis is stored in the home, especially when kids are present. Also, be sure to educate your kids on the effects that cannabis can have and explain why it is not considered a safe option for children (here's a good book that can help you educate your kiddos: The best thing to do, as a parent, would be to store cannabis products in childproof containers and put them away in a closed & locked area. Amazon has a great variety of affordable, childproof stash boxes and containers that come with locks:

It's totally OK to be a parent who consumes cannabis! It's all about making responsible decisions and doing them safely. Don't worry about what others may have to say about your parenting style. Just know, you're not alone – there are lots of other parents out there who use cannabis in a responsible and safe way. It's time to break the stigma & false narratives surrounding "Canna Parenting"!


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