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How to Start Seeds!

Here is my advice to new growers on popping seeds after trying a few methods. I’ll write down the steps below and I’ll post a link to IGTV!

Thanks for following along! #HealNowNotLater

Step One - Place Seeds in room temp water for 24 to 48hr / Use warm dark location / Use peroxide in the water to soften seeds and keep things sterile ( about a 1:9 ratio )

Step Two - Wait to see tap roots starting to show

Step Three - Plant seeds ever so slightly right under the medium and cover slightly / Place seed tap root down ( some people don’t and it will still find its way up at times - but this still helps )

Step Four - Place plant under light in a warm environment 74 - 80 degrees / high humidity is ok when starting seeds

You should see it reach for the sky in 2 to 3 days, I’ve seen it above ground in 24 hrs in coco

I Hope this was helpful for more tips follow on IG and subscribe to our website and join our social club at

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