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Mars Hydro & 7 Hillz Gro Distro!

We have partnered with Mars Hydro a China based LED Light company of the future.

We have been growing with Mars hydro for awhile and all of the cannabis pictures from were grown under Mars Hydro lighting.

So our entire garden dairy on Instagram was grown under Mars Hydro LED’s.

This partnership came very natural and the company just loved what we are doing on 7 Hillz.

They are also excited about expanding due to many states now going legal like New York last month and now Virginia on July 1st.

Mars Hydro ships discreetly and internationally very promptly.

Grow lights are very very important to growers and growers have a special bond with these lights and this company due to great products, community support and even great giveaways on IG and Facebook!

People are growing cannabis and indoor food & plants and they need reliable, efficient, cost effective options for there indoor grows.

Mars Hydro doesn’t miss a beat and people love them.

We are happy to provide you with there full 2021 catalog Mars Hydro catalog 2021

We have a grow light for every situation from home craft indoor grows to commercial scale grows.

We also offer high quality grow tents and kits from Mars Hydro on Lights & Grow Kits

If you need any assistance or someone to talk these products over with just call 888-430-4476

Below is a Mars Hydro Facebook group of over 15k growers asking questions and sharing photos of there Mars Hydro Grows!

We are a huge but small, tight nit grow community and we all need each other. If you are looking for Growmies and helping hands and grow peers go ahead and join the group!

Also follow us on social media!

@healnownotlater ( Face Book )

****youtube any Mars Hydro product for great reviews****


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