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The Happy Place Sponsored by 7 Hillz Gro

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

We exited to announce the support of two communities here in Lynchburg VA.

The Happy Place is a members only co-op with a dab bar & consumption lounge. Located at 520 5th street. All 7 Hillz Gro members only pay $5 for membership at The Happy Place.

$10 to sign up for new members, events range in price. Sesh nights are $5, vendor events are $10. Entry fee includes ticket to be redeemed for a dab, nug, or edible. 21+ only with armed security at all vendor events.

The Happy Place has different events weekly and you will need their number & Instagram to keep up with all the excitement & events.

If you are a vendor don’t hesitate to join our communities and vend at The Happy Place.

At 7 Hillz Gro outside of our wonderful cannabis social club with convenient pick up location we are taking on an advertising and marketing position for several cannabis brands & communities. It’s our pleasure to serve and bridge everyone together. ( Email us if interested in any marketing or advertising at )

Again we are thankful to be on this hemp journey together as a community, many people are finding friends, fun, safe, and private places to get what they need and share stories.

Don’t hesitate to join our community and enjoy all the utilities we are building together.

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Disclaimer: is a separate business and business model from The Happy Place and the decisions of The Happy Place do not reflect the decisions and judgment of 7 Hillz Gro Or .


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