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“The Mighty Grey Area in Cannabis”

Let me help some people understand the #greyarea in cannabis and how it works here and abroad.

First things first if your mother taught you to think law first and then act you should stick with that and you probably can’t shake it.

Now assuming you have your mind and you know the law has been used to hurt your community 1,000 times over then it won’t be hard to understand putting people, ethics and your commonwealth first.

I keep seeing people bring up what’s legal and what’s not usually talking about Virginia. What I hate about this question even though it can be a good question & fair is. In 2016 VA spent 81.2M enforcing cannabis prohibition which just locked up poor, black & brown people mostly. So let’s start off by understanding hurting the community and watching it bleed has been legal and very proper. This is the reasoning of law people vouch for.

It’s always people first in a commonwealth, not last.

So back to this #greyarea now that you have your head in reality. The community will self heal itself legal or not and if you need laws to endorse your healing just wait it out.

For the more advance lover and entrepreneur I’d encourage you to build working relationships with canna space brands in every state because they all have to mitigate the grey area to serve there communities and scale.

Be in the know not only about what’s illegal or legal but how the laws are used. To be honest when people say things like “ those clones are illegal “ what’s sad is they are low key endorsing the way the laws are used. Sad to say that the only faith you can have in how a cannabis law will be used is most likely to hurt people and probably someone of color & poor. You see how these slight law endorsements are always soft systemic racism disguised as policy.

The grey area is code word for the space where humans have been put because they are not rich.

So many vets and common folk can’t heal and these so called legal entities will not bring healing to the smaller and often poor nuances of society.

To be very honest some people hate poor people finding there own way.

Also food for thought - there are 4 VA dispensaries if you google VA dispensaries a long list will come up with a lot more than these main 4.

You see these main 4 have put all these little guys in a grey area and there are more of them than the main 4.

This process is going down all over America and I know if you stay smart and loving and in the know you will be fine. Even if you have drama you will win.

There is no way to use these laws without stepping into a slippery slope of legal racism and this is where we have them buy there balls.

You see they have done so poorly with law and law enforcement the gate is wide open just due to that!

Racism is actually paying off, yes I said it it’s really paying off.

Imagine being in court with all this public data behind you of improper law enforcement especially if your poor.

Lol so cheers to being poor and marginalized and how they have screwed this all up and put the ball in the court of the people from being racist and enforcing bad public law for so long. Hopefully they will do better at being fair and bringing justice in the next 100 years.

Love the grey area because you deserve it and the area that’s not grey is just greed & systematic racism.

Also public disclaimers are a must so get your liturgy right like ( Nothing for sale ) just like when you talk to the credit guy and he has to say ( not a financial advisor seek professional help)

Just be legally clear with your liturgy and watch your mouth and serve people with your whole heart.

God will mitigate the rest. ( Follow your local State & Fed Laws )

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7 Hillz Gro
7 Hillz Gro
Apr 19, 2021

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